Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Trying to remain positive

Seriously, got told at work a couple of weeks ago that I should write a book about the trials, tribulations and chaos that seems to continue to be our lives!!!!! (I suggested this to our lovely GP and he thought it a good idea, although he did ask that I change his name hahahahahaha)
I am beginning to think that now or in a former life I (we) really annoyed someone and it continues to come back and kick us in the pants.
We found out on facebook a couple of weeks ago that our oldest daughter has gotten married, Really we honestly found out on facebook.   To say that Mr and I are devastated is an understatement, I am passed angry now and am just hurt and saddened that we didn't even get told to our faces.  His parents got told, his family got told, his work colleagues got told, We didn't (My parents, daughters Grandparents still do not know).
As you can imagine I had a momentary lapse in proceedings!!!! And now we are barely getting spoken to until we can be rational about the situation.
I know, I know this could be a whole lot worse but for the moment, it kind of feels the worst

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